Rotary Actuators and Drives

Xpac Rotary Actuators and Damper Drives are designed with a rack and pinion hydraulic cylinder driven by one or more Electraulic™ Power Modules. Rotary actuators are commonly used on ball and butterfly valve applications across many different industries. The damper drives, which utilize a mounting base and drive arm, is commonly used on fan and stack dampers, burner tilts and other combustion control applications. REXA manufactures the valve mounting bracket, stem adapter or drive base and drive arm to suit any valve or damper type.

  • Simple user-friendly push-button calibration
  • Available torques: 2,500 in-lbf to 1,500,000 in-lbf
  • Available rotation: 90°, 120°, 180°, or 270°
  • Designed for harsh outdoor environments: NEMA 4X, IP66 rated
  • Fail-safe capable
  • Low power consumption

Standard Features

Electraulic™ Power Module

The key components of the Power Module include a 100% duty cycle motor, bi-directional gear pump, and Flow Matching Valves. This simple and compact design features a closed-loop, positive pressure hydraulic system which eliminates the need for active reservoirs and filters.

Display and Keypad

Simple, user-friendly push-button calibration. Displays mode of operation, current position, diagnostic warnings, and diagnostic alarms. A real-time clock provides event time and date stamping.

Pressure Gauges

Provided as standard equipment, these color-coded pressure gauges are helpful with troubleshooting should a problem arise. The gauges connect to a manifold with internal valves which isolate the gauges during normal operation ensuring high reliability.

Manual Bypass

An integral bypass is provided to equalize pressure on each side of the cylinder for use during installation and certain maintenance procedures.

Oil Level Indicator

The expansion chamber includes a large spring loaded volume indicator. Stainless steel material and an environmental seal ensure smooth operation. A “dip stick” style gauge eliminates guess work to ensure proper oil levels.

Other Features and Configurations