Aftermarket Services

REXA’s Aftermarket Services provide a comprehensive range of service options, each specifically tailored to ensure that our customers realize the full benefit of their investment in REXA’s Electraulic™ Actuators. Our Field Service team is dedicated to delivering on-site service support for your REXA Electraulic™ Actuators throughout their operating life – from installation and commissioning, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, to repair of damaged or deteriorating assets. As our technology advances, upgrade packages can significantly extend the life of your high-performance REXA Electraulic™ Actuators.

Health checks enable customers to prioritize maintenance and replacement planning while preventative maintenance service enhances the reliability of your actuators to maximize plant uptime and extend the warranty. Our Shop Service team performs actuator rebuilds in our facility, bringing long-service units back to ‘as new’ condition, which is verified by factory performance testing and documented for your records.

Our factory and distribution facilities offer valve mounting and testing services or custom hardware for field mounting to existing valves, dampers, or other devices that require reliable high force, high precision positioning control. Technician Training enables REXA Electraulic™ Actuator owners to optimize the setup, integration with other plant equipment, and overall process performance to generate a high return on your investment.

The commissioning process is comprised of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the actuator. Commissioning includes activities like calibration and functional checkout of Input/output in accordance with the design objectives and specifications.

Dry commissioning steps:


  • Actuator mounted in place (alignment)
  • Tightness of fasteners
  • Drive linkage installed
  • Electrical enclosure mounted
  • Conduit runs and wires are all terminated at actuator and enclosure
  • Conduit entries were installed with thread sealant
  • Proper input voltage supply and verified


  • Engage power
  • 4-20ma control signal from the control room verified.
  • Calibration process
  • Record parameter settings
  • Verify that the input/output interfaces with DCS equipment (control room configured to run and receive data)
  • Review operator inspection schedule and basic diagnostics
  • Obtain customer acceptance

Wet Commissioning (optional and in addition to dry commissioning)

  • Verify configuration, compatibility with control objectives
  • Verify calibration and operation

REXA Technical Training is designed to meet the specific needs of the customer and their installed REXA Actuators. Courses start with an overview of REXA product types and designs, then go on to deal with your specific needs, long-term ownership and operation of the equipment. However, the best way to learn about REXA Actuators is to take them apart, and that’s just what we provide.

Our hands-on approach is adopted wherever possible during the training process. Actual operational systems are used during discussions on REXA installation, operation, troubleshooting, and repair.

This training is best for system owners, operators, instrument/service technicians and supporting staff that will have an active role in maintaining the equipment. It will provide users a better understanding of the benefits and capabilities of the REXA equipment.

Our classes will prepare personnel in what to do in real-life scenarios, how to get technical support, parts, documentation, including who to contact for assistance with each phase of REXA ownership.

Class topics cover all aspects of operation and ownership — electrical and mechanical — wiring, nomenclature, component functions, replacement procedures, and strategic spare parts programs.

Training classes will boost technician confidence in operating the product and the gained knowledge of proper usage will optimize performance while contributing to an increase in the life span of the equipment.

Each REXA training class is customer specific. We will work with you to understand your installed base, the more we know about your applications and how the equipment is operating, the better we can prepare you for any situation.

REXA offers many training packages, from a lunch and learn, to 5 days of intense training which can be held at our West Bridgewater Factory, Houston Service Center or at customer facilities around the globe.

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