Change is a constant within the power industry, especially within the last decade. Increasing guidelines and restrictions challenge the industry to meet more stringent air quality regulations. Reduced natural gas prices, development of “fracking” technology to tap shale gas reserves and the explosion of renewable energy created a fundamental shift in power generation.

Flexibility and availability are important for modern plants to remain profitable and operational.  REXA Actuators and Damper Drives are a valuable addition to any plant type.  REXA Electraulic™ Technology offers unmatched accuracy and repeatability, allowing plants to optimize control of pressures, temperatures, airflow, and other key process loops.  Other benefits include improved plant operations from unit turndown capability, improved ramp rates, and reduced fuel consumption.  REXA Linear and Rotary Actuators unmatched reliability allows power plant operators to minimize unplanned outages and maximize unit availability.

Combined Cycle


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Coal-Fired Boilers


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