Project Description

It is common for one or more cast iron sluice gates to be employed within the headworks of a wastewater treatment plant to control the flows entering the facility from the collection system. These gates will most often remain fully open, but can be throttled to regulate flows during high-flow events. Above all, reliability of these sluice gates is of great importance to the treatment plant.

Many facilities do not modulate the main influent gates in the headworks due to the inoperability of the existing actuators. In such instances, the gates may be permanently chained in the open position, preventing the plant from fully utilizing the control structures in the headworks. Regardless, if the actuator controlling a headworks gate becomes inoperable to the point that it impedes or disrupts the flows coming into the wastewater treatment plant, big problems can arise by allowing too much or too little flow into the treatment plant.

REXA Linear and Rotary Actuator’s are ideal for headworks gates, allowing a plant to reliably operate these gates, as well as control and modulate them (an added benefit many plants do not yet employ).