Project Description

What is Redundancy?

Critical applications require additional reliability to maximize plant uptime and reduce the risk of an unplanned shutdown or a potential safety issue. The most common method to keep these systems operating is Redundancy. Redundancy adds a level of security to plants’ critical operations.

Our Solution

In response to these needs, we developed the capability to provide redundancy for our customers.  In addition to performance gains attributed to the use of Electraulic™ Actuation, many customers choose REXA actuators specifically for their high level of reliability. Both Xpac Linear and Rotary actuators have exceptional reliability and design cycle life. Choosing a redundant REXA system increases actuator reliability to over 99.9%. Now that’s pretty reliable!

But that’s not all…

REXA’s modular design allows the flexibility to provide different levels of redundancy depending on the challenges of the application. We can provide redundant systems for:

  • Motors and pumps
  • Position feedback sensors
  • CPU
  • Complete redundant actuator system (mechanical assembly and electrical assembly)

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