REXA, the industry leader in electro-hydraulic actuation technology, announces its Electraulic™ Actuators have shipped to be used as part of the primary actuation package by a major OEM flotation cell supplier.  The copper mine is located about 100 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona.

At the large open pit copper mine, the concentrator can process up to 75,000 tons of sulfide ore a day. Twenty-eight REXA actuators were installed on the mine’s cleaner cells as part of an ongoing expansion project. Older cells relied on pneumatic actuators to control the pulp level in its flotation cells via modulating dart valves. These actuators lacked the precise modulation required due to the compressibility of air. The froth level needs to be controlled by actuators that provide accurate modulation in opening and closing the dart valves. REXA is a proven product, with thousands of actuators installed throughout Arizona mines in the toughest applications.

REXA’s unique Electraulic™ Technology is a revolutionary approach to actuation that combines the simplicity of electric operation, the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid-state electronics, and the flexibility of user-configured control. Motor and pump operation is only required during a position change, minimizing power consumption. Electraulic™ actuators and drives offer a self-contained, sealed, positive pressure, a system requiring no filters, large reservoirs or routine oil maintenance.