Oil and Gas Midstream

REXA Electraulic™ Actuators are widely used throughout the midstream pipeline industry. Flexibility in pipeline operation requires frequent changes in flow rates and delivery sites. Both linear and rotary valves, from the smallest to the largest, can be found. Accurate and reliable pressure control is essential to prevent pressure excursions resulting in line shutdowns. The high resolution and fast speed of response (minimal deadtime) of REXA actuators is ideal for these critical applications.

  • Accurate and repeatable positioning with minimal dead-time
  • Large thrust or torque outputs
  • Fail-safe capable (spring or accumulator)
  • Eliminate the need for instrument air compressor systems to operate pneumatic actuators
  • 100% modulating duty cycle. No limitation on motor starts and stops.
  • Efficient power consumption – motor only operates to change valve position.

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