Project Description


Pressure control is critical when transferring crude oil and petroleum products from the main line to the terminal. Therefore, reducing the variation in delivery pressure will result in uniform flow rates that provide protection from over-pressure conditions in terminal systems.

Installing a terminal inlet pressure control valve in the delivery line reduces pressure variation. The inlet pressure control valve is also known as a “holding pressure” or “delivery pressure” control valve. Achieving Poor valve performance could potentially cause unwanted pressure excursions – leading to unscheduled pipeline shutdowns and unit downtime.


High pressure differentials are concerning due to the potential cavitation in the flow through the terminal inlet pressure control valve. Cavitation will occur when the flow stream pressure falls below the fluid’s vapor pressure, therefore forming bubbles which will implode once the fluid pressure recovers. These bubble implosions cause severe damage to the valve and, consequently, to the downstream pipeline itself.


REXA Electraulic™ Actuators are the solution for fast response to signal command and precise modulation of the terminal inlet pressure control valve. This ensures proper flow control and stable pressure for safe operation.

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