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REXA is continuously producing and improving the unique Electraulic™ Actuator – the most compact, energy efficient, precise positioning machine for demanding process controls.

REXA introduced its revolutionary self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator in 1989.  The first generation product X1 proved its value in severe process applications for Power Generation, midstream Oil & Gas, Mining, Metals production, Water/Wastewater, and other industries.  Unmatched precision, speed, repeatability, and energy efficiency deliver extremely high ROI realized by increased throughput, fine control, and higher process availability.

REXA has maintained a policy of supporting its installed base of X1 actuators, however as the age of installed X1 products increases, some of the original electronic components are no longer available due to supplier obsolescence. As a result, we have developed a program to upgrade and extend the useful life of your REXA actuators.  Upgrading mechanical and/or electrical modules can be performed at your facility or a Rexa service and repair location.

The first step in the upgrade process is a survey of the existing actuators to determine the most economical and time effective approach that fits your operating schedule.

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