Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric plants convert water’s kinetic energy into electricity by channeling water flow through a hydraulic turbine.  As an efficient energy production method, hydropower accounts for nearly 20% of the world’s total generation, particularly in China, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. These plants arebuilt for long-term usage, with many operating for more than a century. Plant modernization is a key driver to ensure reliable operation.

Hydroelectric plants require high reliability, stability, and controllability to maintain efficiency and protect the hydraulic turbine. With increases awareness of environmental concerns, hydroelectric plants are faced with tighter regulations. REXA Linear and Rotary Actuators are suited for hydroelectric energy production applications, including wicket gate control, power needle/nozzle, pilot governor, bypass valves, and many others.  REXA’s true closed loop system simplifies the hydraulic circuit minimizing the amount of oil (up to +95% reduction), offers optional use of biodegradable oil, and eliminates the need for filters and conditioning systems.

With REXA Electraulic Actuation™, hydroelectric plants can achieve reduced environmental risk and maintenance/costs while ensuring reliable operations.


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