Pump Stations

REXA offers the ideal solution for pump discharge control service, as we deliver the most reliable option to ensure full pump capacity. The use of an accumulator or spring fail-safe system can service as your in-line check on the discharge side of the pump, while the self-contained nature of our actuators eliminates any concerns of a single-point failure bringing down the pump station.

The low power consumption eliminates cost wasted on periodically running motors employed by compressor or central hydraulic systems. Using REXA in lieu of any hydraulic system can dramatically reduce oil volumes by ~ 90%, eliminating environmental concerns over leaks and removing added costs for higher insurance rates due to the presence of large hydraulic fluid/oil volumes in the prior hydraulic system. If necessary, REXA can provide superior modulating control to use for back pressure control on the pump, should a design require modulating service now or sometime in the future. Given all these reliability and control benefits, REXA is perfectly suited to address your pump control needs.