Why Choose REXA for Downstream Applications?

Refineries and petrochemical plants require key metrics such as process up-time, unit availability and plant safety to achieve their goals. When considering the actuation needs in downstream applications, quick response, accurate positioning and repeatable control are critical. Luckily, REXA Electraulic™ Actuators are the perfect fit for these critical applications.

Our actuators provide the power, speed and performance of hydraulics without routine oil maintenance. REXA actuators are a closed-loop, positive pressure, sealed design and do not require an external reservoir or oil filtration system.  This unique and inherently clean approach to hydraulics provides years of trouble-free operation, avoids unplanned shutdowns and maximizes plant throughput.

  • Accurate and repeatable positioning
  • Immediate signal response (minimal deadtime)
  • 100% modulating duty cycle
  • Large thrust or torque outputs
  • Fail-safe capable (spring or accumulator)
  • REXA customizes adaption hardware to fit any valve, damper or turbomachinery application.

Check out some of our featured applications below for the Downstream industry to learn more!

REXA Downstream Example 1
REXA Downstream Example 2

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