Project Description


Axial and centrifugal compressors are critical pieces of equipment found at the heart of many industrial processes throughout many industries. Implementing the correct high performance compressor control strategy impacts process control and plant profitability. Responsive and stable process control is imperative to improve yield and ensure maximized compressor availability. One of the main applications to ensure maximized availability and throughput is Anti-Surge Control.

What is Compressor Surge?

A compressor surge event is a temporary flow reversal through a compressor. This typically causes a rapid downstream decrease in demand, therefore resulting in a rapid increase in compressor discharge pressure. Eliminating these events is essential since they damage the compressor and cause unwanted process downtime at production facilities.

How can the Compressor Anti-Surge Valve help?

The Compressor Anti-Surge Valve (ASV) is a critical component in compressor operation, because if optimally controlled, the ASV can eliminate surge through the compressor. Furthermore, this allows for safe operation while enabling the compressor map area to be increased, maximizing compressor efficiency. The ASV requires high-performance capabilities including minimal dead-time, high-frequency response, rapid stroke speed, and minimal overshoot. REXA Actuators can easily exceed the requirements for 500msec full stroke trip, moving the operating point away from the surge line and back into control. Our actuators provide resolution and repeatability to 0.05% and eliminate overshoot, regardless of the step size.

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