Project Description

What is a Blast Furnace?

The mining industry uses blast furnaces for smelting to produce industrial metals, such as pig iron. It is top-charged with iron ore, coke and limestone while huge quantities of air blast enter the bottom of the furnace from the blower. Oxygen within this air first reacts with the coke to produce carbon monoxide, which then reacts with the iron ore in a reduction reaction. Molten slag and iron leave the bottom of the furnace, while carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen leave the top. This is a continuous process, which if interrupted by unscheduled downtime, leads to increased costs.

Steam Turbine Control Solution

Steam turbine speed control is a critical application requiring superior reliability. REXA Electraulic™ Actuators enable a smooth and reliable supply of cold blast “wind” flow to your blast furnaces.  The consequences of an actuator fail are devastating to plant iron making operations.  Loss of “wind” causes the molten burden in the furnace to drop, therefore resulting in damage to the furnace and an interruption of production.  Our self-contained Electraulic™ actuators require zero oil maintenance, making them virtually maintenance-free.


  • Reliable Operation in Tough and Demanding Environments
  • Accurate (0.1%) and Repeatable Positioning
  • Smart Communications for Reviewing Actuator Health/History

The BF Turbo Blower has many applications that REXA can provide an immediate solution for including:

  • Inlet Guide Vane Control
  • Anti-choke Control
  • Blower Anti-Surge Control

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  • Steam Turbine Control - Turbo Blower Example
  • Steam Turbine Control - turbo blower example