Project Description

REXA Electraulic™ Actuators can enable smooth and reliable supply of cold blast “wind” flow to your blast furnaces.  Providing reliable steam turbine speed control is a critical application that REXA has multiple satisfied customers that were retrofitted from the original turbine equipment to our technically superior actuators.  The consequences of an actuator fail are devastating to plant iron making operations.  Loss of “wind” would cause the molten burden in the furnace to drop result in damage to the furnace and production interruption.  Our Electraulic actuators are self-contained with zero oil maintenance making them virtually maintenance free.  Other applications on the BF Turbo Blower that REXA can provide an immediate solution are Inlet Guide Vane Control, Antichoke Control and Blower Antisurge Control.


  • Reliable Operation in Tough and Demanding Environments
  • Accurate (0.1%) and Repeatable Positioning
  • Smart Communications for Reviewing Actuator Health/History