Project Description

In areas of the world where steam or two-phase flow are the dominant sources of geothermal energy, it is vital to remove the fluid portion of the mixture from the well. Otherwise, salts and dissolved solids will cause scaling and corrosion of the turbine and related equipment. Separators are installed to accomplish this task and are the most important component at a geothermal plant. This ensures that only dry and clean steam enters the turbine. Providing the highest quality steam to the turbine requires accurate and consistent positioning of the separator level control valve. The ability to regulate a proper fluid level is critical for the separation process. The efficiency of the separator must be maintained to minimize moisture carry-over into the steam line. REXA Electraulic Actuation™ offers a responsive and dependable solution for geothermal separator level control valve applications. REXA actuators are engineered for use in critical applications in the harshest environments requiring continuous modulating duty cycle with accurate and repeatable positioning.