Achieve Maximum Reliability and Maintenance-Free Long-Term Lifecycle!

Process flow control is a growing concern for the wastewater industry. Budgets are tightening, resulting in a greater need for reliable equipment with a low cost of ownership. At the same time, increasingly stringent standards emphasize the need to improve process efficiency. For these reasons, dependable and accurate flow control is in growing demand. To achieve these requirements, wastewater plants need high performing and highly reliable actuators.

Throughout the market, it is common to encounter certain valves or gates that cause headaches for treatment plant operations. Typically, these are the critical valves and gates that cannot fail or may need to modulate. For these applications, REXA Linear and Rotary Actuators provide reliable and accurate operation over a long period of time with virtually no maintenance costs.

  • Superior modulating control
  • Five-year product warranty
  • Expected ten-year maintenance-free cycles
  • Low power consumption (120-240 VAC single-phase power)
  • No size or speed limitations
  • Fail-safe capable
  • Custom-engineered to each application

Made in the USA


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