Steam Turbine Retrofit

Steam Turbines in Hydroprocessing Units Hydroprocessing in the Oil & Gas industry refers to two separate, yet similar processing: hydrocracking and hydrotreating. The hydrocracking process converts a variety of petroleum fractions, including oil recovered from solvent extraction of petroleum residues into more valuable, lower-boiling fuel products. Hydrotreating refers to [...]

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SABIC Turnaround Project

This article was published in OGN's magazine and on OGN's website. Click here to view the full-page spread! REXA Actuators Chosen for Turnaround Project Sabic Agri-Nutrients, a SABIC affiliate approached REXA last year in April exploring actuator solutions to upgrade two motor operated valves (MOV) to emergency shutdown [...]

April 21st, 2021|Categories: Success Stories|

Sootblower Steam Pressure Reduction

A Supercritical Sootblower Success! A 20-year-old supercritical power plant in South Korea experienced control issues with their sootblower steam pressure reducing valve. The valve was originally equipped with a spring and diaphragm pneumatic actuator. It suffered from common issues associated with pneumatics, such as the compressibility of air [...]

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The Future of Gold with Mark Ferra

The Future of Gold - with REXA Mining/Metals Manager, Mark Ferra The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has impacted life as we know it in just about every way possible. Besides being the world's most serious health-concern throughout 2020 (since there was no known treatment and no vaccine), COVID-19 also led [...]

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Condenser Level Control

Condenser Level Control in Coal-Fired Power Plants Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical plants are a vital part of global power generation. They operate above the critical pressure and temperature of water (3206.2 psia at 705°F), up to a maximum of 4350 psia and 1170°F. Since feed water is turned into steam [...]

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