Maximize Uptime for your Combined Cycle Plant with REXA!

Combined cycle power utilizes a combination of the combustion turbine (Brayton Cycle) and the steam turbine (Rankine Cycle). While the combustion turbine generator creates electricity, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) repurpose waste heat to create steam and power a turbine. This makes these power plants far more efficient than traditional fossil-fired power plants. The combination of air and water as the working fluids provides efficient, reliable and economic power.

This type of power complements today’s energy market, which frequently requires plants to come online and shut down quickly. The fluctuating demand requires increased operational flexibility – critical to success. With environmental requirements continuing to change, plants are continuously improving the efficiency for intermediate load operation. The focus has shifted to shorter ramp times, frequency support and reliable operation to maintain grid stabilization and achieve financial goals.

Efficient power generation requires minimal design start times and stable transitions to meet financial objectives. REXA Electraulic™ Actuation is used in a wide range of applications within these plants, including turbine bypass systems, feedwater valves, attemperators and gas turbine retrofits. Our actuators offer stability, high-frequency response, repeatability, set point control accuracy and low maintenance. Customers rely on REXA to keep their plants running. Check out our featured applications below to learn more!

Combined Cycle Plant
Combined Cycle Turbine Bypass
Sky Vent Valve

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