New Content Alert – Injection Well Control

Just in case you missed it, we released a brand-new Geothermal Application Spotlight focusing on Injection Well control! The Injection Well has become a necessity for maximum geothermal power generation and reservoir management.

Injection Well Control Application Spotlight

One of the most important parts of this process is fluid injection. This eliminates any environmental impact of surface disposal and provides pressure support to the well. To ensure reservoir replenishment and the highest production well output, injection sites need to meet specific requirements to be selected. These include exploration, testing, conceptual modeling and proper well design.

It’s important for accurate and efficient injection well control to ensure fluid velocities are high enough to prevent the settling of suspended solids. With more than 20 years of experience in the Geothermal power market, REXA Electraulic™ Actuators ensure efficient injection well control. Download the full Application Spotlight here!

New Video Alert – Hotwell Level Control

April was a big month for new REXA Geothermal power generation content! In addition to the Application Spotlight above, we also released an Application Video highlighting Geothermal Hotwell Level Control.

The condenser plays a key component in any power plant using a steam turbine. It increases power by maximizing the pressure drop across the turbine. Regardless of plant design, operators need to maintain a proper condenser hotwell level during all phases of operation to generate rated megawatt output.

Watch our full video here to learn more about the critical needs of this application and how REXA Electraulic™ Actuators meet or exceed these needs!

Social Media Spotlight

As you probably already know, our actuators fit a wide variety of applications throughout many industries – Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater Treatment, Power Generation, Metals/Minerals Processing, etc. Throughout the month of April, we’ve shared a multitude of some pretty cool installation pictures!

From Frame 7 IGVs at a Combined Cycle plant to slide valves at a refinery, check out some of this month’s best pics. Please consider following us on LinkedIn to fill your feed with more install pics, informative videos and interesting success stories! Click here to check us out and give us a follow!

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