Introducing REXA Southeast

We are pleased to announce the opening of a brand new REXA Sales/Service center in Marietta, Georgia US! This new addition allows us the opportunity to enhance service capabilities for our southern US customers.

REXA's new sales and service office

Along with this new office, please join us in welcoming Trey Vaughan, Southeastern Territory Manager. A REXA product expert, Trey is very familiar with our southern customers’ needs. Whether it’s a combined cycle plant or a midstream pipeline, Trey has you covered!

In addition to Trey, REXA also welcomes Stephanie Bistwell to our team! Stephanie will manage all REXA Southeast building operations and inside sales.

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Around the World - Thailand

Around the World Feature – Thailand

This month’s pitstop is at a Combined Cycle power plant in Thailand where we installed multiple REXA Xpac Linear Actuators on HP Bypass valves and spray-water valves. These valves are critical to efficient plant operation.

HP Bypass valves assist plants in achieving high frequency response and fast stroke speeds during ramping scenarios and trip events. Spray-water valves cool down steam temperature entering the turbine.

Application Spotlight – Furnace Heater & Stack Dampers

Refineries and petrochemical plants use process heaters to heat hydrocarbon fluids, converting them into fuels like gasoline or diesel, and chemicals such as ethylene. With furnaces accounting for at least half of total plant energy consumption, small improvements in efficiencies could increase financial returns.

Furnace Heater Stack Dampers

Continuously evolving federal and local environmental laws mandate plants to carefully monitor and reduce cumulative CO and NOx emissions. Refineries understand the benefits of controlling fuel consumption, flame shape and excess emissions. Often overlooked, however, are the gains associated with better draft control when using accurate dampers.

Installing REXA damper drives provides furnaces with the fine-tuning of modern damper control required today. With accurate, repeatable and quick positioning of dampers, refineries better control of furnace draft and temperature. Plant operators notice an immediate improvement in ROI regarding product quality and safety, lower emissions and maintenance costs and increased run-time.

REXA Wrap Up Coronavirus Update

Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You may have already seen our full statement regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but just in case you haven’t, we wanted to outline the steps we’ve taken to protect you and our employees.

  • We cancelled ALL domestic and international travel, unless a critical need arises in which travel is necessary to address
  • We implemented a work-from-home policy for all non-essential REXA personnel to limit the number of employees in our office
  • We have provided video equipment to sales/service personnel to conduct online product and service trainings to maintain the same level of service and support for customers, reps and vendors.
  • We are restricting visits to ALL REXA offices to limit direct outside contact, unless there is a critical business need.
  • Employees who do remain onsite are following the “social distancing” recommended by the CDC.
  • We have installed various sanitation stations throughout our offices to increase cleaning efforts. We also are providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes throughout various common areas.

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