New Success Story!

This month, we released another success story highlighting a recent Steam Turbine valves installation at an Ohio chemical plant. This plant experienced nuisance downtime from process inconsistencies and required improvements to their BDO (butanediol) compressor’s steam turbine governor control valve actuation system.

Steam Turbine Valves Upgrade

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New Video Alert!

We really had quite the lineup of videos throughout this past month! In case you missed any of them, check out all of the videos released during May on our YouTube channel. For this month’s video showcase, though, we’re going to focus on Furnace & Heater Dampers!

Are you experiencing poor draft control within your furnace/heater? How about temperature swings and/or faulty dampers?

Learn how you can eliminate these issues and more with our proven Electraulic Actuation technology. Our actuators enable accurate and repeatable positioning with immediate response to every signal change.

Check out our full video above to learn how you can improve damper reliability and furnace performance! To access our full YouTube video catalog, click the button below!

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Social Media Spotlight

We shared a lot of content this month on social media! One post in particular which caught the eye of many was our installation feature of a massive torque (1.33MM in/lbs) REXA Rotary actuator! This monster actuator was shipped to a large water pump station and was installed on a 48” ball valve. Our customer required 60 seconds to modulate open/closed and 30 seconds to fail-close – requirements our actuator is not only able to meet but exceed!

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