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Welcome to our official newsletter series, The REXA Wrap-Up! Each month, we’ll be providing a “wrap-up” of industry-related news, application-specific content, new videos from our YouTube channel, REXA-related news/updates and much more. This isn’t just any boring newsletter, though. Be on the lookout in each month’s edition as we’ll be including an action item. Complete this action item and you’ll be entered to win that month’s prize! Now…sit back, relax and wrap up your month with our first edition below!

Application of the Month – Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs)

REXA Actuators fit within a wide variety of applications throughout multiple industries. Each month, we’ll focus on a different application, its requirements and how our actuators meet/surpass them. For this first edition, we’ll be focusing on Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs)!

Inlet Guide Vanes

IGVs deliver air to the inlet of a gas turbine’s axial compressor. While maintaining proper fuel-to-air ratio through various load ranges, they minimize the potential for unwanted emissions. In present-day Combined Cycle power plants, IGVs ultimately control the exhaust gas temperature – a critical input to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).

Many current day turbines use low NOx combustors that require a lean air-fuel mixture. As hot gas temperatures decrease, the formation of NOx also decreases. With a higher air mix, it’s critical to control the exact amount of air into the combustors – especially during low loads.

REXA’s Electraulic™ Actuators provide responsive, repeatable control for IGV applications on all major manufacturers’ combustion turbines. Once installed, a plant operator will almost immediately notice improved control of the combustion turbine IGVs at low loads. This results in consistent, reliable exhaust temperatures through the entire load range. Our actuators’ reliability is unmatched with no required oil maintenance – eliminating unscheduled down time.

Click here to learn more about our solution for IGVs!

Improve Copper Recovery in Flotation Cells

As a critical process, the Flotation Level Control system at the copper concentrator requires efficient operation to separate valuable sulfide ore from gangue or non-valuable materials. The sulfide ore is then crushed, grinded and milled into fine particles. These fine particles mix with water into a slurry, feeding into a flotation cell.

An agitator at the bottom of the cell stirs the slurry (also called pulp) and suspends the particles in the mix. Air supplied to the cell through the agitator creates bubbles, which rise to the top of the tank, creating the froth. The addition of chemicals to the tank enables the metal particles to attach themselves to the bubbles as they rise to the surface. The “tailings,” or residue, remaining in the slurry exit an outlet in the base of the tank and generally discharge to a tailing pond.

So why choose REXA? Check out our new YouTube video to learn how REXA Actuators improve copper recovery! You can also check out our full Copper Recovery Application Spotlight here.

REXA Cares – United Way

Here at REXA, we care about the community in which we work and live. Therefore, we partnered with a local charitable organization called United Way of Greater Plymouth County. Established in 1922, United Way unites people, ideas and resources to improve the lives of those within Greater Plymouth County, MA.

Even though our partnership is still relatively new, REXA employees have already been instrumental in helping to ensure our community’s continuous improvement.

United Way Charity's Day of Caring Event

In September, we kicked off our partnership by attending United’s Way’s 98th Day of Caring event where our employees went offsite to assist in cleaning, painting, and rebuilding various homes.

In November, we hosted the official United Way Partnership kickoff event at our facility! Members from United Way traveled to our facility to formally introduce the charity to REXA employees. The day was filled with plenty of fun ways to donate and we are proud to say we raised over $11,000!

We’re looking forward to continuing this successful partnership through 2020! Interested in learning more about United Way? They’re not just a local charity – they’re worldwide. Click here to visit their website and learn how you can get involved!

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